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De rose handschoen (The pink glove), 1963. Nr. 63-05,
plastic glove on pink background 35 x 33 cm.
Henk Peeters
Rhienderensestraat 24, 6964 BG Hall, the Netherlands
T (0031) 0575 - 56 21 07
F (0031) 0842 - 11 50 96
E peetershenk@online.nl

In 1998 the book 'Henk Peeters Tastbaar' (Henk Peeters Tactile) was published on the occasion of exhibition of the same name celebrating the Frisian-Holstein cow, that were showing respectively in the art galleries de Boer-Waalkens at Finsterwolde, Wagemans at Beesterzwaag and De Zaal at Delft.
Texts by Fred Wagemans and Mark Peeters.
Focus on the Nul movement and the work of Henk Peeters both then and now.
The publication can be ordered by transfering
€ 15,- into account to the name of Henk Peeters, mentioning 'Tastbaar'.

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