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Roodbont, 2003 
Roodbont (Red and white), 2003
"Henk Peeters was a co-founder of the Dutch Nul Group, together with Armando, Jan Henderikse and J.J. Schoonhoven. Peeters specialized in pictures made of foam rubber and pyrographies, reflection paintings, objects made with cotton wool and hairs, artificial grass pictures, while he also worked with plastic bags filled with water, and water ceilings.
Like the others, he wanted to 'establish reality as art'. In those early days Peeters used to speak of 'a new perception of daily reality'. His work clearly testifies to this idea. At first sight the image conveys so little meaning that, no matter how hard one tries, it seems to evade the memory before one has even had the chance to look at it more closely. This lends his work a strange and special tension."

(extracts from dissertations on the subject by K. Schippers)

The year 1997 saw the so-called 'cow sketching days' at Finsterwolde. On this occasion Peeters displaced four cutouts from cowhides mounted on frames, bearing the titles 'Corrie -I tot IV. A Finsterwolde gallery also exhibited some ten typical Peeters works that had not been executed by himself but by other artists, in the true tradition of Nul and Peeters philosophy.
The cowhides now form a main theme in his most recent work: 'Henk Peeters Tastbaar' (Henk Peeters Tactile). Under the same title, and as another spinoff of the Finsterwolde exhibition, a book was published in 1998 that can be ordered here. See contact

The pictures below show some of his most recent work. Click on the pictures for more details.

Rose poederdons (Pink powder puff), '86

Triptiek Truus-II, 1998

 Kunstgras (Artificial grass), 1998

'Moniek-III', 1998

Waterplafond (Water ceiling), 1993

Works of art executed by associated visual artists:  

Sabine Matthes (Munich),'Kaiserfleisch', a tribute to Henk Peeters, 1998

A nest for Manzoni's egg, featherskin baby rug, by Nicole Hermans, 2003